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Ingemann is currently developing the following projects:

"After Liverpool" by James Saunders, scratch performance 6th September 2020, Cosmopolite Scene.

"The cheeseprofessor" a tragicomedy inspired by true events about a communist professor who gave his newly invented cheese to a capitalist dairy company

Ingemann is also part of Kompani Ingebauer - a clown duo

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by James Saunders

A playful and poetic love story by one of Great Britain great absurdist playwrights.

What does it mean to love some body?

How do we connect, and what does connection mean?

How do we stay ourselves and together? Is it possible to really know someone, or do we merely know each others habits and behavior?

These questions are explored with playfulness, humour and vulnerability in this play.

Communist cheese???.jpg
I work on the norwegian translation with
Residency Arstad Nordre Gård
Osteprofessoren - first draft is finishe

The Cheeseprofessor

What can lead a ideological communist professor to give his valuable cheese to a capitalist dairy company?

Inspired by a snippet of local history, Bertolt Brecht and Wes Anderson this tragicomedy plays with reality and what it means to be a good person. Its a specific story that speaks to larger societal problems we face today.

2021: Is under further development in collaboration with Dramatikkens hus.

First English draft was completed at Seanse Volda, October 2020.

First Norwegian draft was completed at Arstad Nordre Gård, November 2020.

Please get in touch for more information.


An absurd comedy about two cousins masquerading as British upper class trying to find love in an unsafe world.

By some absolutely random chance they have both met men who like tea, croquet and poetry online. They have prepared a double date with tea, croquet and Shakespeare. But the dates are late, where are they?

Inspired by Rosalind and Celia's journey in "As You Like" by William Shakespeare. Its a story about two cousins looking for fortune and love in new surroundings. It's a story about claiming your life on your terms.

Tea, Croquet & Shakespeare
Kompani Ingebauer